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            Learn more about IOX-HID, which allows the GO device to interface with an HID card reader to read multiple ID cards. Common use cases include tracking workers in a crew cab or passengers in a transportation vehicle, such as a school bus. This solution extracts data from MyGeotab to identify and track multiple passengers in one vehicle.
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            Learn more about IOX-USB, which includes an auxiliary USB power adapter for charging and powering USB devices. Constant power to the mobile device allows drivers to use battery intensive applications such as Geotab Drive while in the vehicle without concern for battery life.
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            IOX-WRKS: Winter Solution
            Learn how to install a GO device in your winter operations vehicle using the IOX-WRKS works solution. The Geotab winter solution integrates with solid and liquid material controllers, temperature monitoring equipment and telematic inputs to make real-time data and structured reporting accessible in MyGeotab. This installation requires an installer with both a Geotab Installer Certification and a Geotab Winter Solutions Certification.
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            Learn more about IOX-COMSPREAD, which allows Rexroth Compu-Spread CS-440 and CS-550 solid and liquid material controllers to send data through the GO device to MyGeotab. It extracts data from MyGeotab using the Geotab SDK and connects to the Compu-Spread controller to collect spread amounts and status information.
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            Learn more about GO TALK, which provides real-time feedback to drivers about their road safety and performance. With the GO TALK, fleet managers can add tools for improving long-term driving skills and notify drivers when they exceed allowable conditions. This real-time feedback pushes drivers to continuously improve their skills through a digital coach instead of simple alerts.
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            Learn more about IOX-CAN, which integrates third-party data with MyGeotab software, allowing supplementary fleet data collection and consolidation of data in one place. Using the IOX-CAN, Customers and Partners can also transmit data through the Geotab GO device using the Third-Party Data Protocol on our private CAN Bus.
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            Learn more about IOX-BUZZ, an external buzzer which amplifies in-vehicle audio feedback to reduce the number of unheard alerts from the GO device due to engine noise. In-vehicle audio feedback is heard from both the GO device internal buzzer and the external buzzer to improve the sound quality of in-vehicle alerts, and to ensure the driver receives the alerts.
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            Learn more about how the IOX-UREADER supports tachograph, contactless CAN clamp, and cold chain transportation data logging functionality. It sends real-time Tachograph data, including driver name, driver status, and other useful information to MyGeotab and includes remote download of vehicle and driver information functionality.
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            IOX-WRKS: Winter Solution Sensor Mounting
            Learn the best practices for the placement and installation of sensors used in the IOX-WRKS solution, including front and side plow sensors, loader lift arm sensors, grader molder sensors, sidewalk vehicle sensors, and hydraulic sensors.
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            Learn more about IOX-DJ, which allows the DICKEY-john Control Point control system to send data to MyGeotab via a GO device. This allows users to extract data from MyGeotab using the Geotab SDK and connect to a DICKEY-john controller to collect spread amounts and status information.
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            Learn more about IOX-BT, which monitors Bluetooth proximity beacons with public MAC addresses and supports select sensor-enabled beacons. Beacons, attached to tools and equipment, increase asset utilization, reduce the impact of misplaced equipment, boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve on-time delivery.
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            Learn more about IOX-NFCREADERA, which integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) with the Geotab GO device to identify the drivers operating vehicles in a fleet at any given time. Users can create rules, reports, and exceptions on MyGeotab based on individual drivers or vehicles and can track driver data across different vehicles to enable driver based reporting.
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            Geotab Garmin Bundle
            Learn how to install the Geotab Garmin Bundle, part of the Geotab cloud solution offering a platform for managing and sharing Records of Duty Status (RODS). The Bundle includes a Garmin fleet 790 Android tablet and offers access to Hours of Service reporting, compliance monitoring, and end-to-end vehicle inspections.
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            Learn more about IOX-OUTPUTM, which allows a GO device to control a relay from the vehicle in real-time. The user can set the IOX-OUTPUTM to trigger the relay when a predefined condition is met in MyGeotab. This solution supports 1 × 12 V or 24 V relay and is compatible with SPR-RELAYKIT.
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            Learn more about IOX-CRS, which allows the CIRUS CONTROLS SpreadSmart Rx system to send data to MyGeotab via a GO device. SDK integration facilitates data extraction from MyGeotab and CIRUS CONTROLS SpreadSmart Rx integration for near real-time spread and status information.
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            Public Works: Controller Integration Cheat Sheet
            Learn how to interface with various spreader controllers and other in-vehicle sensors commonly installed by Public Works agencies. All integrations require a GO9 installed in the vehicle along with a Spreader Gateway.
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            uReader Device Installation Wizard
            Learn how to validate the configuration of uReaderGPS and IOX-UREADER devices using the uReader Device Installation Wizard and browse solutions for common troubleshooting issues.
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            Learn more about IOX-WRKS, a Geotab engineered Public Works solution focusing on winter operations vehicles and their unique telematics requirements. This solution works with a host of substance spreader controller makes and models and connects multiple inputs with onboard sensors to read sensor data such as road temperature and plow position, and sends the data to the Public Works Add-in in MyGeotab.
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            IOX-WRKS Insert
            Learn how to safely prepare to install the IOX-WRKS solution. This solution requires professional installation by an installer with a Geotab Installer Certification and a Geotab Winter Solutions Certification.
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            Learn more about IOX-KEYLESS, which supports remote access to a vehicle and supports multiple markets, including corporate car sharing, consumer car sharing, and traditional car rental services. This simple-to-install solution allows Bluetooth connection to scan for available Android/iOS devices to connect to the GO device and send vehicle commands.
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            Learn more about IOX-TACHOGRAPH, which allows the GO device to read real-time data from the Tachograph and send it to MyGeotab. It can monitor one-switch input Automatic driver ID that matches the individual driver with the specific vehicle to improve report accuracy, and uses MyGeotab exception rules to send real-time tachograph error notifications.
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            Learn more about IOX-SATIRDv2, which allows GO devices to communicate over the IRIDIUM Network if the vehicle travels outside of cellular or network connection. With the IRIDIUM Satellite Modem, users can continue to track their fleet even when cellular connectivity is lost. This solution includes an emergency button add-on, which sends an “emergency” message through the satellite network to MyGeotab when triggered.
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            Learn more about IOX-ALERT, which allows a driver to send a notification to a dispatcher by pressing of alert button. Once pressed, the alert button signals the Geotab GO device to send a specific engine diagnostic to MyGeotab. Exception rules can be set to trigger in response to this diagnostic.
            Document icon
            Learn more about IOX-FAM, which integrates the FORCE AMERICA 5100ex Spreader Control system with MyGeotab for real-time spread and status updates during snow events. FORCE AMERICA Spreader Control 5100ex integration allows for real-time substance and status information, and SDK integration facilitates data extraction from MyGeotab.
            Document icon
            Substance Spreader Protocol
            Learn how Substance Spreader controllers transmit data to MyGeotab. Intended for winter vehicles, the controllers report on the amount spread by material type (granular, liquid, and pre-wet), distance travelled while spreading, duration of spreading, and spread rate. This solution also allows for monitoring distance, quantity, and time spent sanding, salting, blasting.
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            Learn more about GARMIN IOX, which allows users to integrate GARMIN devices with MyGeotab for enhanced in-vehicle driver-dispatcher communication. This solution allows for two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers and displays all driver information on the map.
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            IOX-uReader: Geotab European Truck Solution
            Learn how to use the IOX-UREADER to allow the GO device to read and download real-time data from digital tachographs, and how to view and analyze this data using the Geotab Tachograph Add-in for the MyGeotab platform.
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            Learn more about IOX-RS232, which allows external devices, such as gas detection monitors, weighing scales, or pressure monitors, to send data to MyGeotab via a GO device. This solution is compatible with Geotab’s standard third-party protocol and integrates with the Geotab SDK to facilitate data extraction from MyGeotab.
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            IOX-ANALOG (Beta)
            Learn more about IOX-ANALOG, which enables the GO device to read analog signals from a vehicle and its connected accessories. With MyGeotab, the IOX-ANALOG provides near real-time status information for analog sources and delivers notifications if readouts fall outside of user-defined values. It can monitor up to four analog inputs.
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            Geotab Garmin Bundle FAQ
            Browse frequently asked questions about the Geotab Garmin Bundle, including questions about bundle features, billing and rate plans, device administration, data management, and more. Access to the Garmin Product Manual for the Garmin fleet 790 Android tablet is included for further device support.
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            Learn more about IOX-AUXM, which monitors up to eight signals from your vehicle in real-time, providing additional insight into the condition of your fleet. It can monitor up to eight inputs at any time with two IOX-AUXMs. It also includes self-learning input triggers and supports GND–Float, GND–Driven, and Float–Driven circuits.
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            uReaderGPS and uReaderFMS
            Learn how to install the uReaderGPS & uReaderFMS and browse technical information for the uReaderGPS and uReaderFMS devices.
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            Review the technical specifications for SPR-RELAYKIT, which incorporates controls for enabling a relay directly from the GO device. The relay is activated using the NFC (Near Field Communication) Driver Identification device or the IOX Relay Cable. This resource includes diagrams of the items available in the kit.